Crystal Calling

published by : wayan purya on December 14, 2015

What girl doesn’t like bling, they say…
I can’t remember when exactly I became infatuated with the sparkling pieces of mother earth called crystals, but I know that I’ve loved the energies they resonate for so many years now.  Some are calming, some soothing, others tingling, or feathery and some even heavy & bold.  Whichever feeling they project crystals are amazing creations of the Divine, and if one understands how to respect & appreciate them,as they should be, one can gain many benefits.
What is a crystal? Well, if you’re a jewelry lover you’ll be familiar with the terms precious and semi-precious stones.  Yes, they’re just stones actually, but have you ever wondered how these natural stones can have such a range of wonderful colors, sparkle, and even glitter? Natural crystals are treasures of the earth’s crust, minerals naturally formed inside the earth over thousands& millions of years.  Until this present day, new mines, and new varieties of crystal forms are still being found throughout the world.

Putting all geological matters aside, every crystal is believed to have specific abilities that can absorb, radiate and amplify energies. These abilities are believed to help living creatures, such as us humans, to heal,be inspired, be reenergized, be protected, to focus, and much more.  Because of these so-called powers, some people even say that crystals are magical.  My own belief is simple.  These beautiful stones contain many rich minerals and we living beings need vitamins & minerals to maintain a healthy life – to say the least.  So if crystal energies can benefit us by ways scientifically proven, o rsimply by their own magic, then I say it all makes perfect sense.


There are gazillions of different types of crystals available. So which one is specifically best for you? Well, it depends on what are your needs? If you go to a crystal healing shop most shop assistants will be able to help guide you to the kind that will best suit you.If you allow yourself to be open & receptive to your senses, I believe that is the best way to pick a crystal that is just right for you.  The easiest way is to allow your senses todo the work for you. Notice which crystal you’re most attracted to, for whatever is the reasons. It could be the color, or the sparkle,the shape, or the feeling it gives you.  Every person will be different.  When you hold the crystal, does it give you a sensation that you like? Maybe it tingles, or feels cooling, or gives you a nice buzzing sensation? Anything.  The crystals that you most enjoy, or like, are most likely the right crystals for you.



After buying your new crystals, it’s always good to cleanse them first before using because these stones can absorb energies easily. It’s important that no previously absorbed energies are within the stone.  Just like when doctors needs to clean their instruments first before using them on patient. In a crystal shop, usually after you’ve selected your stone, the shop assistant will put them in a “singing bowl” to cleanse them. This method is achieved by using sound vibrations that come from the bowl. Once they’ve finished cleansing, they’ll allow you to pick the crystal from the bowl so that only your energies are attached to it.
Another way is to simply wash it under a running tap water for a few minutes.  Whilst doing that, hold the intention in your mind and heart to remove any negativity and to bring the stone back to its natural state.  Don’t forget to dry it thoroughly afterwards.

There are a few other methods of cleaning crystals using the full moon energy, smudging, or with salt water.We’ll talk about this again soon.  So until then…

Shine on!

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