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published by : wayan purya on December 15, 2015


For those of you new to crystals it’s good to know that your crystals as much as they look beautiful and provides you with many wonderful energies, they do need to have “a day at the SPA” too.
As we most already know, crystals come from inside earth. And for you who truly believe, our earth is so rich and very much alive. Earth breaths energy in and out. It absorbs just as much as it resonates and transmit them. Be it good or bad. With that simple thinking process as well, and so does those crystals. They too absorb and transmit the energies that it interacts with – be it good, or bad.
As much as we need to clean ourselves, there is no difference with our crystals. Even though they have been taken out and “detached” from inside earth, they are still “alive”. Like a sponge, they continue to have the power to absorb negative energies as much as positive ones. But you always want to get the most out of your crystals, and hopefully giving you positive energies always, with consistent powers always as well.

How do we know when to clean our crystals?untitled-0002
Well, when you first bought your crystal – that is if you buy it at a proper crystal shop, it will have been cleansed first by the shop assistant with the help of a singing bowl. The sound vibrations it produces help to clear out any previous energy that may have attached to the crystal, whereby it allows the crystal to return to its natural state. Once you make contact with the crystal, your energy gets connected to it. So you sort of become in sync with it – both you and your crystal kind of become in the same vibrational level.

untitled-0594As you work with your crystals, be it wearing them or using them for healing therapies or even just leaving it around somewhere, along the way they may also have interacted and absorbed other energy that are not yours whilst continuing to transmit energy out as well. So the truest energy that they should be resonating for you will start to go dimmer and dimmer. If you’re a sensitive person, you could probably feel when you touch your crystals if it’s time for cleansing. Some people may be able to notice that it’s not as shiny or bright looking as it used to be. Some may feel when they hold them that it’s not as smooth or as cool or as tingling as they’re used to be. Some may feel it’s suddenly heavier than normal. Anything that is considered out of the norm for you.

There are many easy ways to clean & recharge your crystals. Here are just some of my favorites..
Using Clean Running Water: Hold your crystals under clean running water. Make sure that there are no chemicals running through the water. Whilst doing that also hold the intention in your heart (or you could say it out loud too if you want) that you wish to clean these crystals from any negative or dark energy and return it to its natural state, infusing them with healing lights and bring you only positive ones.
Make sure you check first if the crystals that you’re cleaning under this water aren’t the fragile kinds that easily crumble when it interacts with it. Quartz types are safe for this sort of cleaning. Selenite dissolves in water, so don’t cleanse them using this method. Once you feel confident enough that they are cleaned, carefully dry them off with clean soft tissue or towel.
Using Salt: This would be a good way to clean your crystals that can’t be cleaned by water. Simply put enough amount of natural sea salt in a glass bowl and sink in your crystals in them over night. Next morning, carefully brush the sands completely off them. Make sure to thoroughly do this to avoid future damage.

Using the Power of the Full Moon: This would be the safest & powerful way for any type of crystals. As the moon energy is believed to have very strong ability to give electrical charges to living cells. Simply note your calendar, when it’s the full moon bring out the crystals you want to clean, put them in a bowl or a tray and just lay them outside where they can receive direct access to the moonlight overnight. Don’t worry if you missed the actual full moon night, its power lasts up to 3 days after, so you can still take out your crystals a day or two after the actual full moon night. Take care if there may be the chance of rain, especially for those crystals that do not go well with water.
Using Other Crystals : There are a few crystals that do not need cleaning, simply because they do not hold negative energies and are excellent to help clean other crystals. They are: Carnelian, Kyanite, Quartz Cluster and Citrine. If you have tumbled forms of crystals, simply put them together with any of these crystals. And they will automatically help to clean the other crystals for you.
You could also clean your crystals using Smudging Techniques, using a Crystal Pendulum, burying them inside earth or under the sunlight (for types of crystals that have colours that do not fade easily), using Herb Infusions or even Crystal Cleansing Sprays.
Shine on! zee

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