Bubuh (bubur) Sumsum Balinese Rice Pudding

published by : wayan purya on June 6, 2016


Bubuh Sumsum is one of many traditional Balinese snacks, which is also popular in other places throughout Indonesia, but with slight variations in flavor and presentation. On a daily basis, this sweet treat is mostly available at traditional markets and warungs (local cafés) during breakfast time to accompany traditional hot ‘tubruk’ style coffee, besides being served for special events and holidays. In Bali, bubuh sumsum is sometimes made as part of offerings for rituals like on the day of Tumpek Uduh (a blessing ritual dedicated towards local crops and plantations).

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Making bubuh sumsum is very simple, every family can do it at home and every family member may get involved. You need rice flour, palm sugar, grated coconut and coconut milk, salt, water, sugar, and flavoring and coloring agents, such as pandan leaf or suji leaf depending on personal taste. Using normal sugar is not mandatory since palm sugar serves as the primary sweetening agent.


Mix your rice flour with coconut milk in a container until entirely moist, add salt and sugar to your preference at this stage. Next step is adding coloring and flavoring agent (usually suji leaf) then place over a small flame and stir constantly until it thickens. Put aside to cool down for approximately 30 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare your palm sugar syrup called ‘Gula Ganting” for topping when served. Most prefer “unti” to accompany their serving of bubuh sumsum, which is made of roast grated coconut mixed with palm sugar.




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