Tumpek Wayang

published by : wayan purya on June 3, 2016



This holiday is a celebration dedicated to Dewa Iswara (one of the Hindu Gods) for the birth of various kinds of art forms such as musical instruments, dances and especially the Wayang (leather shadow puppets). This ritual is celebrated every six months and this time falls on a Saturday on November 7th, 2015. Offerings are made and prayers are held everywhere on the island. For those who have musical instruments and leather puppets in their house, bigger offerings are mandatory and prayers are led by a village’s priest.

untitled-3662,,Interestingly, this day is considered a sacred one. Babies born on this day have to go through an array of rituals with big purification ceremonies called “Sepuh Leger” in order to have a ‘normal life’ and keep them safe away from unpleasant occurrences. At night on the day of the ritual, a shadow puppet show (wayang kulit) must perform in a complete manner to conclude the entire procession. Family members, relatives and neighbors are invited to see the show and bless the baby for a happy life. Incomplete rituals are believed to bring bad luck for the babies, either in the forms of illnesses, accidents or abnormal growth that it is believed to be able to take the baby’s life. *BB-RM*

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