The Best Place to Play With Wild Dolphin.

published by : wayan purya on June 7, 2017

An unimaginable feeling when I saw dolphin in the wild, nothing compare to seeing dolphin on TV or even in a marine park.

dolpin (2)

It was started off when my Brazilian friend visited me at my home Island Bali, Indonesia for a couple of weeks awhile ago. After a few days exploring the southern part of the Island, she was asking me to take her to Dolphin beach in the northern part of Bali. It calls Lovina beach at Buleleng regency, it takes 20 minutes drive from the capital Singaraja and about 3 hours drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar. So we went there and stayed overnight to be able to get up early in the morning to catch dolphin’s play time.

On the way to Lovina beach was just another fascinating road trip with rain forests, mountains, lakes, rise fields and waterfalls along the way. If you plan to go there, make sure you car is strong enough because it’s a quite challenging winding road and be prepared moreover if you are a kind of person who are easily catch carsick. A lunch stop at a lake side café is a good option in case you start to feel dizzy just like what we did that time. We arrived there by noon and rented a private villa named Lovina Villa Cinta, a two bed-room private villa with a very affordable price.

lovina-beach-baliThe next morning, after a quick breakfast, we jumped to the beach and looked for a local fisherman who would take us to dolphin site in the ocean. They won’t come close to the shore so we need to pay them a visit. We joined some visitors who looked as excited as my friend to share the boat rent and made sure we had more noise compare to other boats. There were about Lovina-Dolphin-Tours10 boats at the same time and we were like competing against each other. To be honest I wasn’t so excited at first but once we got there and saw the wild dolphins my body was shaking with sensation. Accompanied by a stunning sunrise, it was really a magical feeling to be so close with those smart creatures at a place where they belong. They jumped around, played with friends and completely ignoring our presence and seem used to human visit even though we couldn’t really touch them.

Lovina beach is actually known as one of the famous tourist objects in Bali with its dolphin attraction. The area has been well developed by local government together with local investors for many years, with many tourist facilities such as hotels and restaurants already built around the beachside. Some other interesting sites you may visit while you there are hot springs, Hindu and Buddhist temples and if you have a bit more time you may explore Sekumpul waterfalls which regarded as the tallest one in Bali.


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